Core Services:

We start with a phone or email consultation. This consultation is complimentary and is a time for me to explain how I work and how our work together will proceed. We’ll schedule a 2 or 3 hour work session. 3 hours gives us more time to work, but for smaller spaces or special situations, 2 hours can work. We’ll decide together which is best for the situation.

The 3-hour work session is where we’ll implement the plans for your space. We’ll do hands-on work to clear your clutter as well as what I call “head work” to understand the background of your individual situation. Planning and creation of systems will help ensure that cleared spaces stay clear. How much we’ll accomplish will depend on the individual situation.

Extra Services (additional fees apply):

I can . . .

  • deliver your donations to charity and provide an
  • itemized receipt for your taxes
  • transport items to the local transfer station
  • recycle electronics