Here are a few of my favorite little tips that end up making a big difference in clearing clutter.

*Have a small wastebasket and a small recycling container in every room. Some rooms may need two. Yes, of course, one can walk from the couch to the kitchen recycling center. But in reality, does it happen? Or does that piece of paper or soda can end up sitting on the coffee table for an hour, a day, a week? Make life easier on yourself–have a container right by the couch and the task will get done sooner.

*Have a small kitchen garbage. Here’s one I just don’t get. Kitchen garbage cans tend to be huge! Why is that? Do we really want a giant can of garbage in the room where we cook our meals and often eat? I suggest using a small, office or desk size, garbage can in the kitchen. Sure you’ll need to take it out more often, but that’s a good thing.

*Sort your mail as it comes in. As you bring in your mail, sort it into recycling, important and magazines/catalogs. Put the latter in whatever spot you prefer for later reading (magazine rack, bathroom, bedside table, etc). Toss the recycling immmediately. Put the important items wherever you’ll deal with them–desk, computer area, purse or briefcase. There, task done!