Clear Your Clutter is currently (March 2015) on Maternity Leave. Current/Former clients with needs or concerns, please email me and I will get back to you. New client? Want help organizing? Use the contact form and I will send you information on how I work.

Maybe you can’t find last year’s tax forms or a favorite piece of jewelry. Or perhaps you’re putting away the groceries, and realize that you’re placing that new jar of dried oregano next to 5 more jars of dried oregano.

We all have a turning point. It’s that moment of truth where we realize that we just have too much stuff in too many places.

A jumbled house can create “noise” in our everyday life, leaving us anxious and frayed. It’s time for a change.

That’s where I come in. As a professional declutterer, I’ll help you wade through your no-man’s-land (garage, attic, basement) or I’d-rather-not-know-zone (toddler’s closet, pantry, guest room).

It’s more than just cleaning out clutter. I’ll listen to your needs and your lifestyle, then I’ll share some strategies. You pick the ones that work for you.

Together, we’ll find organizing systems that work for your family, so you won’t feel bewildered and overwhelmed again. Instead, you’ll feel confident and secure in your home, inside and out.